Do you know that being CEO can be the loneliest job in the company?

Are you a highly successful business owner with a multi million pound business, who appears to have it all from the outside, but who in reality, is feeling that something is missing in your life?


Do you lie awake at 2am tossing and turning because you are so used to working on your business that you have forgotten how to have a life?

Do you spend all of your time in work and can hardly remember what it is like to spend time in your home with your family and friends?

Do you spend all of your evenings and weekends checking your emails and social media, just in case you may have missed something?

If you keep on doing what you are doing, you will get the same results?

Is this what you have worked so hard for?  To be outwardly successful, but feeling stressed, fatigued and frazzled?

This is not what life is supposed to be like!

Ali Miners - I work with millionaire CEO’s who are so busy running their business, that they have forgotten how to have a life

If you can recognise yourself here, you need to make some drastic changes before you suffer from burnout and it's too late.

I work with my Clients on a totally bespoke and personal basis.  Complete confidentiality is assured.


Phone or email me and let's set up a time that is convenient for us to talk:

Tel:  07968 134048



Ali Miners - The Frazzled2Fabulous Coach


If you would like to book in for an initial 30 minute consultation where we can get to know each other and see if we are a good fit to work together, fill in the box below and I will contact you to set a date and time. 


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I can help you by Coaching you in 3 different ways

We can work which ever way suits your business and your lifestyle

  • Online

    If you are so busy that you are unable to meet me 1:1, which is my preferred method of Coaching, I can coach you using my fantastic online software, which enables you to log in 24/7 to suit your business and lifestyle.

    I can also coach you in person, via group coaching,  in retreats or by 1:1 VIP coaching.

  • On the telephone or via Skype

    We can speak on the telephone or via Skype and by email at a time to suit you and your schedule

  • In person

    However, my preferred method of Coaching is to spend 1:1 time with you to really understand what is missing from your outwardly successful life and to work with you to bring joy, love and laughter into your life.


My Mission is to Help 1 Million Stressed, Exhausted and Frustrated Business Owners  Worldwide to have Joy, Fun and Laughter in their Lives.

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